Saturday, September 12, 2009

So we weighed Bat-Bat today

12 pounds. My not even 8 month old cat weighs 12 pounds. The tiny, tiny kitten I got for Christmas is so big that if I put him on my his head is in the crook of my arm and his feet hang off my lap. He's the size of a 2 month old baby! I really don't know what happened. He's working hard every day to earn the name "Fat Bat". As you can see, Bat-Bat has nearly no tail. He really is "The Grande Orange"!

He weighs 3 pounds more than his brother, Bourdain.

He eats a freakish amount of Meow Mix every day! That's what we get for naming him Batali, I guess. As you can tell, I love him best. We adopted them from the animal shelter, and this was the best present I ever got. My husband is a truly wonderful man, buying me Bat-Bat and his brother for Christmas.

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