Thursday, December 18, 2008

So how does this thing work anyhow?

So how does this thing work anyhow? I'm just really not sure about this life thing. I think I'm doing it wrong. I still have no job, my husband has no job, somehow I thought we'd be doing better than this. Obviously, I made a tragic left turn somewhere (not really sure where) and I feel like someone in a horror move who got of the main road, made a wrong turn or disobeyed a crazy person's warning and is now going to be eaten, skinned or done in with a large chainsaw. Do you ever feel like that? Well, maybe not the chainsaw part, but like you wandered off somehow and got lost and can't find your way home. I feel sort of ...unsuccessful. I don't know how I should feel. I do know that if and when (hopefully soon) that we get jobs, I know we can live on a lot less than we used to, and that we can buy used instead of new, and since we have had to cut back on just about everything, I know we can do without a lot. I've taken to listing a lot of my no longer quite as necessary items (and you'll be surprised at how quickly a non edible item becomes not a necessity!) on Bonanzle since there is no listing fee or monthly fee to sell, and the fees at ebay were killing me. And I'm selling stuff, here and there, so not everyone is dead broke, but I think they are choosing to spend more carefully, and buying pre-owned items instead of new because of the price. I'm going to be listing the kids outgrown school uniforms and college prep books soon, since those are things I can resell that are "needs" for other people, and much cheaper to buy new than used. Hopefully things will get better, and maybe I can help someone get the things they need at a good price and we'll all be a little happier. Maybe that's how this life thing is supposed to work. So maybe I have the answer after all.