Sunday, August 8, 2010

Purslane-Cooking with what's on hand

So I've been cooking with "what's on hand" and tonight I worked on cooking my purslane I've been growing. It's very delicious for a weed. Actually, it's incredibly delicious. I sauteed it with onions, shallots and chives, removing the largest stems before putting it in the pot, and added frozen collard greens to round it out. I served it with ground turkey and alfredo sauce. Yum!

Tomorrow's challenge, use up all the ham! My plan is a "Jezebel Sauce" of mustard, apricot jam, canned pineapple and wasabi mayonnaise (I don't have any horseradish). Glazing the ham with that and hoping that a side dish will spring out of that. Maybe potatoes? I have a lot of them.

Yesterday we had chicken thighs with kalamata olives, orange peppers and artichoke quarters after a great shopping trip to the 99 Cent Only store and the Aldi. Our grocery budget for the week is about $50.00 since my husband doesn't have a job as of Friday. We'd been trying to cut back on shopping, but now it's mission critical. And since school starts in two weeks and we already bought all the school supplies & put the school uniforms on layaway, we can't back out of that, so the food budget has to get trimmed, along with anything else we can live without.

Can't really eat the pets (I think the ferrets would be stringy & a little gamey) so there is a limit to what we can cut back, we don't have any credit cards, our cars are paid off, but we can certainly quit doing things like going out to eat, kill the cable, things like that. We'll see how that works out.

Hopefully we'll be ok and I'll keep you updated with the "using what's on hand" method of living wihtin our means and with what's in the pantry.