Friday, September 11, 2009

Ferret love

As you know, I have a ferret. I have 2 ferrets actually. Antti & Zascha. Antti is my dumb ferret. Zascha a a nuclear physicist compared to Antti. As weasels go, she's a genius. She never does weird things, except steal stuff, but that's normal for a ferret.

No, it's always Antti, getting into my dryer vent hose, hiding under the water heater, knocking over all the shampoo bottles and biting the cats, then horking down his food to the point he chokes and you think you're going to do weasel CPR, and he makes you want to scream.

And you pick him up to make him stop, and he yawns and looks at you with those beady blank eyes, and yawns and snuggles into you and falls asleep. That's when you realize you love the little guy, even though you had been considering making a scarf out of him not 10 minutes earlier. He'd make a lousy scarf anyhow. Too skinny.

Antti helping me pack a shipment. Well, mostly he just dumps the peanuts out and frolics in them.

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