Friday, April 17, 2009

Capri Sun is the object of (my ferrets) affection!

Capri Sun apparently inspires spasms of joy in ferrets. More precisely, knocking over the box, and stealing pouches of Capri Sun.

Dragging them under the couch, back to his den, and accidentally punching the pouch, gushing puddles of liquid everywhere! The juice pouch theft just blows my mind, because they are half the size of the ferret, and yet the little thief can drag it from one end of the house to the other! That goes with his fetish for my snacks from my storage bin.

He loves to steal everything from ramen to packets of pretzels and fruit rolls. He doesn't care if the pouch is empty, he just wants the Capri Sun!! Just try and take it away from him!! He'll fight you for it, and run across the living room, trying to hide the object of his affection, before that human takes it away! Capri Sun the object of my ferrets affection.

My children, however, would like him to be just a little less attached to the Capri Sun. They're thirsty!

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